Dr Tao (Kevin) Huang

Principal Researcher / PhD Supervisor / IEEE Senior Member

Welcome to Tao's Intelligent Computing and Communications (ICC) Lab at the College of Science and Engineering, Division of Tropical Environments and Societies, James Cook University, Nguma-baba Campus, Cairns, Australia. My research interests focus on Deep Learning, Smart Sensing, Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Future Wireless Communications, and IoT Security.

I am looking for enthusiastic PhD/MPhil candidates and self-motivated research thesis students to join me. If you share the same research interests, please see how to join us.

Cairns is a beautiful tropical city, and you can experience the amazing Great Barrier Reef here! A little secret, I don't know how to swim before I came to Cairns. After I came to Cairns, I found out here it is so easy to access swimming pools. So I decided to teach myself to swim by iteratively watching various Youtube videos and trying the movements in the pool. Guess what? I can do freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke now. Does this sound like a deep learning process? :-)