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Dr. Tao Huang

Principal Researcher / PhD Supervisor / IEEE Senior Member

Welcome to Tao's Intelligent Computing and Communications (ICC) Lab at the College of Science and Engineering, Division of Tropical Environments and Societies, James Cook University, Nguma-baba Campus, Cairns, Australia. My research interests focus on Deep Learning, Smart Sensing, Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Future Wireless Communications, and IoT Security.

I am looking for enthusiastic PhD/MPhil candidates and self-motivated research thesis students to join me. If you share the same research interests, please see how to join us.

Cairns is a beautiful tropical city, and you can experience the amazing Great Barrier Reef here! A little secret, I don't know how to swim before I came to Cairns. After I came to Cairns, I found out here it is so easy to access swimming pools. So I decided to teach myself to swim by iteratively watching various Youtube videos and trying the movements in the pool. Guess what? I can do freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke now. Does this sound like a deep learning process? :-)

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Call for submission!

Special Issue "Security and Privacy for Modern Wireless Communication Systems" - Deadline 31 January 2023

Security and privacy are always critical issues in wireless communication systems. To tackle these issues, novel cryptography designs, physical layer transmission strategies, network protocol, and related regulations are in high demand. This Special Issue, "Security and Privacy for Modern Wireless Communication System," in Electronics MDPI, focuses on addressing the emerging security and privacy issues for modern wireless communication networks. Guest editors Dr Shihao Yan (UNSW), Prof. Guanglin Zhang (DHU), Prof. Li Sun (XJTU), Prof. Tsz Hon Yuen (HKU), Dr YoHan Park (KMU), Prof. Changhoon Lee (SeoulTech), and myself (JCU). Welcome to contribute! Click here to submit your paper

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